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Huangshan jinruitai Technology

Add:Huangshan Industrial Park, Huangshan District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province


The R & D center is led by a number of Chinese and foreign experts. After ten years of dedicated research and development, it has formed advanced and mature technologies with a number of independent intellectual property rights and more than 20 invention and utility model patents in CTP, CTCP and PS versions.

At present, the center has perfect plate making and printing suitability testing equipment; It has various chemical analysis and testing instruments, forming a complete set of printing plate manufacturing process and quality control inspection means. While continuously investing in new equipment, it has also established a "production, learning and research" cooperation mechanism with relevant colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, which has laid a good technical foundation for the company's scientific and technological development.


After years of painstaking research and development, our company officially launched CT-100 positive thermal CTP plate products with completely independent intellectual property rights and its supporting plate making center to the market. Formed the company's core advantages in technology and market

1、 Aluminum plate base composite sand mesh treatment technology

According to the high requirements of CTP photosensitive layer on the sand mesh structure of aluminum plate, a special electrolysis device which can generate multi-level composite sand mesh structure is designed. It can generate sand mesh with small roughness and multi-layer composite honeycomb structure, which has good water retention and hydrophilicity, and can fully meet the requirements of water and ink balance for plates in high-precision color printing.

2、 Special nano sealing technology

The adoption of special hole sealing technology further enhances the leveling and hydrophilicity of the plate base, and can effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of dirt in the printing process.

3、 Thermal CTP photosensitive layer technology

CTP photosensitive adhesive technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, and CT-100 technology currently used in the market, with: 1 The high photosensitivity can prolong the service life of the laser components of the plate making machine. 2. high reproducibility of dots and thin lines, moderate balance of high, medium and low dots, and easy modulation of plate making pictures and texts.

4、 Complete CTP plate making center construction scheme

The company has an overall solution to establish a CTP plate making center worldwide, including: store design, standard prepress process, standard workflow, standard operation process, plate and consumable use standards, remote network service system, etc.

5、 Special CTP plate supporting products

Thermal CTP developer, CTP special fountain solution, CTP special protective adhesive, CTP special plate cleaning solution, CTP developer special cleaning agent, etc.


Key technologies for solving key products of enterprises

1. design and manufacturing of high-speed CTP plate production line

2. environmental friendly heat sensitive CTP plate without treatment

3. 405nm environment-friendly violet laser CTP plate for newspaper printing

Industrial common technology in line with the development direction of national printing technology

1. overall solution for green printing

2. provincial green printing material testing center

3. national promotion of standard CTP plate making center

Forward looking technology research on industry development direction

1. green anti-counterfeiting ink printing technology and process

2. research on high-resolution photosensitive materials

3. photoresist research

Research on new technologies and materials to expand the field of enterprise development

1. TFP technology for photovoltaic cells

2. research on high voltage resistant insulating film materials

3. research on nano hydrophilic aluminum foil coating material